Story Caravan’s two first pilot podstories were told by Romi Rancken on a beautiful October day by the South Bay marina in Ekenäs.

In his first story he showed us a photo of when the family’s new fiberglass boat “Olla” had been delivered in the spring of 1968 and he and his sister Ylva were sitting in it for the first time. Romi also remembers a very special oak tree.

In his second story Romi tells us about what the Baltic sea means to him and about a special inventory trip he takes every year to a shore along the Baltic sea and how that has changed his view of the Baltic.

Skärmavbild 2015-10-25 kl. 19.59.41

Romi-story (1 of 7)

Ylva o Pontus på nya Båten Olla! 1969. Foto RR kopia

Romi-story (4 of 7)

Romi-story (5 of 7)

Romi-story (7 of 7)

Romi-story (6 of 7) 
  Romi-story (2 of 7)

Skärmavbild 2015-10-25 kl. 18.25.32

Ylva, Brita, Kåre, Addi, Rurre Pontus i Olla påväg till brita 20061970 Foto TR Furuholken, Toffe, Rurre, Pontus jpg

Ylva, Romi, Bigi Furuholken 1962 lätt kopia

Bigi Furuholken 1958Photo Annabelle Antas and the Rancken photo archive, story editing Ylva Rancken-Lutz


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