Today on the 7th of July we placed an Ekenäs diary at Ekenäs Naturum.

Our wish is that people during the summer will write in the diary as they would in their own diary or as if they were writing a letter to a friend telling her about their day, their encounters in Ekenäs – about both joys and sorrows. We hope that people living in Ekenäs as well as visitors will leave a message in the Ekenäs diary.

The Ekenäs diary project is an experiment within the Ekenäs StoryCaravan project.  We are experimenting to find new ways in which we can collect people’s stories about Ekenäs. We will read all the stories and publish some on the blog.

The diary will live at Naturum during the whole summer until the end of August. If you have written in the diary we invite you to write your name and contact details on a slip of paper and put it in the red metal box. We will draw 3 winners and contact them in early September.

We will pop-up in person at Naturum during the summer so maybe we will see you there!

Kära Ekenäs


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